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Are you a silver “bug” or not? Whether you have past experience investing in silver or are new to this, you should know that there are many benefits and advantages to including silver in your IRA. Silver is much more affordable than gold, platinum and palladium, many investors actually prefer doing heavy on shiny silver assets. Silver has an even longer trading history than gold and of all precious metals discovered by man, silver was one of the first. Shiny, strong and famous for its use in various industries, silver is a savvy choice for retirement investing. Already ready have a savings plan ( IRA, 401k etc.)  in place? The process of establishing a Safeguard Metals Silver IRA will be easy when you educate yourself on the subject.

What a Silver IRA Rollover Entails

A Silver IRA rollover provides the account holder with a higher level of freedom of their investments because the investment choices are extensive, whereas the investment options in a 401(k) plan are somewhat limited. You may roll over the funds directly from your old account to the new one. Keep in mind that an IRA custodian must be secured before you can start the process, so when you’re planning to roll over your 401(k) into silver, it allows you to transfer all or part of your current retirement account into silver using a simple process.

  1. Fill out our form with your contact information and a Safeguard Metals expert will be in contact with you shortly to help you answer any questions about a rollover

  2. Your point of contact at Safeguard Metals will send you a free comprehensive Safeguard Metals Brochure, either through the mail or by e-mail, your choice. This brochure will include various investment options, as well as a more information about investing in silver and other precious metals. Choosing IRA approved silver can be complex, but your expert at Safeguard Metals can help you maximize your portfolio.

  3. Once you’re ready, your precious metal expert will help you fill out the necessary forms to open your account and assist you in transferring a portion of your retirement account into a Self Directed individual retirement account (IRA) without any type of IRS penalty.

  4. Now you can choose which metals you want to purchase, and then your metals will be sent to a highly secure storage facility and you can rest assured knowing your retirement account is secure from any future volatility.


Uses for Silver

Jewelry, bars and coins, are obvious uses for silver, but there are even more uses for this sought out precious metal. Automotive parts, batteries, mirrors and industrial applications are a few examples of the things that this metal can be used for. Its usability and versatility is one of the main reasons why  Silver is in constant demand.

Adding other Precious Metals

Understand that a Safeguard Metals Self-Directed IRA is not limited to silver assets. In fact, you can make your portfolio stand out by also including gold, platinum, and palladium assets in it. Add even more investor appeal by diversifying the types of metal held in your IRA.

The process of performing a Silver IRA rollover is easy with the guidance of a Safeguard Metals IRA expert. Call us for assistance with a hassle-free rollover.

Silver IRA Rollover


Do you like silver? At Safeguard Metals, we love our silver! Silver is a very secure way to protect your wealth and plan for your future. With a silver IRA rollover, you can create a diversified portfolio for your retirement.


Safeguard Metals is a team of experienced experts that works with individuals looking to protect their wealth through precious metals. Utilizing several of the best methods for asset allocation, Safeguard Metals has built an honest and reliable reputation with their clients, allowing them to break free from traditional investment strategies with silver IRA rollovers and other precious metal assets.


Silver IRA Accounts


Silver IRA accounts are Individual Retirement Accounts that are backed by silver. Long regarded as a precious metal, silver provides a great way for anyone looking to diversify their retirement portfolio and protect against unexpected downturns in the stock, bond, and real estate markets.


By utilizing silver IRA rollovers, you can take existing retirement savings and turn them into precious metal holdings. Infinitely better than a conventional 401K, silver IRA rollovers can be of tremendous value if done properly and under the right guidance from a trusted expert at Safeguard Metals.


Physical Silver IRA


With a physical silver IRA, individuals can hold a portion of their retirement savings in precious metals like silver. This provides a unique opportunity for someone who is looking to ensure multiple avenues of asset preservation. With the advantages of an Individual Retirement Account, an investor can cost-effectively protect wealth in silver and still enjoy the tax benefits of holding an IRA. Take advantage of this immensely effective retirement strategy with the help of the professionals at Safeguard Metals.


IRA Approved Silver


IRA approved silver holdings are a self-directed investment that is controlled by you, the investor. Through the help of our experts, you can direct the path forward for a prosperous future. IRA approved silver holdings can include bars and coins. Trust the professionals at Safeguard Metals for honest and reliable retirement planning that will help you meet your goals and build security for you and your loved ones.


Silver Backed IRA


A silver backed IRA can be an investment in any type of silver, including silver coins and silver bars. It is set up to be self-directed like other conventional IRAs, allowing the holder to steer the course of their retirement investment. Superior to a 401K, a silver backed IRA provides tax advantages and savings options not available through traditional investment strategies.


A silver IRA rollover will allow you to diversify your assets for a secure future. With the help of Safeguard Metals, you can safely and securely utilize a silver IRA rollover to protect your wealth. Our experienced wealth preservation experts are a trusted source for information and can assist you with reliable and honest assessments of your retirement holdings.


We provide comprehensive asset preservation services and gold IRAs as well. For more information about Safeguard Metals, please feel free to contact us today!

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