We believe in Family, Integrity, Generosity, and Legacy for the next generation.


Based in Woodland Hills, California, Safeguard Metals, with our partners,  has over 20 years of combined experience helping clients who understand the value of protecting and preserving their wealth.


We are convinced there has never been a better time to include physical

gold and silver in your portfolio. Savvy investors acknowledge precious metals as a hedge against uncontrolled government spending and dizzying money printing by the Federal Reserve. Safeguard Metals provides a solution.


We believe in providing the highest level of service. To accomplish this we only hire professionals with a genuine interest in helping others, who have successful track records and proven expertise in precious metals. Together, our experts at Safeguard Metals provide in-depth education and help investors take advantage of their ability to hold precious metals in their retirement accounts, in strict compliance with IRS code 408(m)(3), with the highest level of integrity, transparency and customer service.


Safeguard Metals offers peace of mind and financial protection during financially unstable times. We offer a simple way to convert your current 401k/IRA to a physical gold IRA.


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Jeffrey Santulan , CEO of Safeguard Metals.

Like most of you, my first priority is family. 

I recognize the value of hard work, being responsible, giving back to the community and saving for the future – values I am passing on to my children with love.

Like you, I am aware that times have changed. We live in a world where those who work hard most of their lives can have their security threatened or even destroyed by irresponsible fiscal policies, as well as greedy Wall Street opportunists.

Time is a commodity that we can never get back or purchase more of and I am sure you have spent a large portion of your time working to provide for your family and save for a bright future.

That is why Safeguard Metals exists - to help us all protect and preserve our wealth -                  


wealth that took us time to attain, and successfully balance security with opportunity.


I firmly believe I owe it to my family – and to yours.

Rick Berry, COO of Safeguard Metals

With deep roots in oil, real estate, and the global market, I have consistently demonstrated an uncanny ability to forecast financial trends and help investors profit.  


As the Co-Founder and COO of Safeguard Metals, my knowledge of economic cycles, financial trends, and advanced diversification strategies has helped to establish Safeguard Metals as one of the most highly respected precious metals firms in the world. With over 32 years of success, I have helped thousands of investors protect their savings during financial downturns.


I regularly share my views and expertise on the benefits of precious metals, the dangers of Wall Street volatility, the need for diversified portfolios, the consequences of US debt, and what may be in store for investors in the distant future.


Most importantly, I truly enjoy what I do; helping people preserve and protect their family's financial Legacy.